What Quest do we want next?

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Current Poll Results:

1.) Literally anything Armadyl

2.) DOC Sequel

3.) Godless Quest

Unofficial Poll for what Quest Lore Forum wants next.

Rite of Passage ~ Original Concept
Rite of Passage 2 ~ Moving the Avainsie to Tarddiad (Tarddiad exploration?)
Godless Quest
Ser Owen Sequel
Finish Desert Questline (if they don't do it in Menaphos)
*Insert God Here* Saga
Enter Teragard O_o
Marimbo Quest
Ilujanka Quest ~ (Iaia?!?!) :O
Eblis, Desert Bandits, and Zaros
Pirates (Xau-tak?)
King Vallance
Elemental Workshop V
Camelot Rework
Floor 61 ~ The Last Freneskae Character-focused quest that I want to see for a few years
The Skull Region (Miniquests)

So, yea. Leave other ideas/vote below, and whatever.

I'm casting my votes for Rite of Passage and a Godless Quest.

If you're gonna troll, at least be creative.

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I would go for the 2 factions that need a quest the most, godless and Armadyl, and though I love the concept of the godless (death to Kara Meir!!!!!), I have come to accept the godless will never get content, so......... the armadyl quest about moving the aviansies to tardiadd, so at least 1 of the 2 forgotten children get content, and tbh I don't see the point in rite of passage (original concept) at this point of the story, its kinda late for that.

20-Mar-2017 22:29:06



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I want a quest about the desert bandits getting to have their Zaros time. I'm not really a faction guy, but Zaros isn't currently trying to raise an empire, because he prefers the actual loyalty of those like Azzanadra, Char, and Nex (who stayed loyal when Zaros influence was gone).

Now there's a zealous group of humans with some combat ability, who coerced the future World Guardian to go through the trouble of freeing Azzanadra (who rebuilt the temple [with labor provided by the bandits]), which housed the communication portal (which was gathered by the same adventurer which they had introduced to Azz), which allowed Zaros to reinstate contact with our world, which ultimately allowed him to regain his body (same adventurer), which allowed him to return.

Azzanadra, Char, Wahisietel, Nex, they all remained loyal to Zaros after ages of being removed from his presence; these humans have never met Zaros, they're human, they die off. So this society of Zarosians retained their faith when none of them have any concrete proof of his existence besides their ancestors' stories. If I were Zaros, that would be exactly what I had been looking for!

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Any Armadyl quest, any Godless quest, any Saradomin quest in about that order. Everyone who hails from Freneskae has had enough screentime for a bit, though Seren would probably feature in the most likely Armadyl themed quest.

Also, continue the pirate questline. Not angling for a Xau-Tak reveal or anything, I just want the original questline to continue/wrap up.

For the Armadyl quest ROP2 is fine, but I'd prefer Hatoful Boyfriend Runescape Edition ;)

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