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EDIT: deciding to go with the option that seems it will work with, the irl currency instead of bonds.


I am having an issue regarding upgrading my current Bronze Premier 2020 to Gold Premier 2020 using bonds. I have 15 untradeable bonds ready to go, and on the website I am still able to upgrade to Gold Premier with irl currency, I also still have the blue VIP badge in-game and all Bronze Perks.

On Runescape's Premier Club support information page, it does state that if you already have a Premier Club bronze or silver subscription, you can upgrade to silver/gold for the relevant number of bonds difference. (In this case, 15 bonds Bronze - Gold.)

I have clicked around the bond interface as much as I can, scrolled up and down and considered seeing if making them tradeable versions could solve it. However there is nowhere I can see where I can use them to upgrade to the gold package?

Any help or information regarding this would be appreciated as I would not have liquidated multiple items to continue my subscription through Premier Club, if I had known this issue would arise.

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I have same issue. Have the 15 bonds for several days, but cannot find a way to buy the upgrade to premier gold with bonds. The only option is real world currency. The premier pages still list bonds (15) as payment option.

Hopefully I have not wasted 310m gp for untradable bonds.

Please help

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Malua, Thank you for the response. I have tried the in-game redemption window multiple times over several days and the only membership options are 14 to 45 days (1 to 3) bonds. My bronze also apparently expired yesterday.

I also tried for hours to find an actual customer support contact port. But all options were to FAQs.

Very disappointed....

08-Apr-2020 01:32:33

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If your Bronze has expired now, you won't be able to do the payment yourself - you will need assistance from Billing Support.

To message them, use the 'Contact Us' button on the Refunds support page.
While the topic 'Refunds' isn't at all what you want, the contact point will do the job and get your message through to the people that need to see it.

Make sure you tell them how many days you have been trying to do the redemption for Gold Premier. ;)

I did some research to check if it made a difference between tradeable and untradeable Bonds and I couldn't find any information that indicated there was a difference when upgrading Premier Club.
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