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Check the 'Messages' tab of your account
(click on 'Account' at the top of this page and log in to get to 'Messages' tab)

You should be able to see both the ticket you sent and a reply in there.
If you can see your ticket but can't see a reply, check the time stamp on your ticket.
If over 48 hours has elapsed from the time stamp, post back.
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Hey guys I have question I won on the winter wheel spinner 50mil the head price but my main level have 2 be 500 why I don't can get it i play and won that price so i really want it ? How can I claim it . ?you can check If u want I'f you send me back .I really need help I won the price it's now 2days later and did not get It . Grts Brian I won on the winter spinner wheel.

19-Jan-2020 11:44:06

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