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I've honestly had it with the lack of support you receive on this game! What other company would have you spend so much money and not even have a support telephone number or even email!

My account was hijacked and the culprits stole over 180 million gp from me. I got absolutely no support from Jagex over this issue. Which in my opinion is unreasonable given that the amount stolen has a value in excess of £40 GBP.

Nevertheless I decided I would purchase bonds in order to re-obtain the money in which I had lost. I tried to purchase these but I kept being told that there was a problem with the payment and to contact my bank. Well, my bank said there is no problem and the problem is Jagex's end.

I don't know what's going on! The money has been taken from my bank account and no bonds have arrived in my in game account or currency pouch.

Best of all.... not a single telephone number or email for support!

How can you run a business with no customer support it's awful!

19-Jan-2020 03:06:10

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Hi there

When you make an online purchase, your bank removes the money from your account and holds it, waiting for the company you purchased from to claim the payment.
While your bank can see you made a purchase, they are unable to see that the purchase was unsuccessful - so they hold the money out of your account for a set waiting period.
When the payment is not claimed, they return the money to your account and it ends up looking like it never left at all.

To try to get the purchase to succeed, work through the Unsuccessful payment support page.

The other issue is the the hijack of your account and theft of your in-game wealth.
You really need to review your security to ensure this cannot happen again.
The three security features Jagex recommend are:
* 2-step verification protecting logins to your email
* Authenticator protecting logins to your Runescape account
* Bank PIN inside your account protecting your items.

Did you have these at the time of the hijack?
Please work through the Securing your account instructions.
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19-Jan-2020 04:18:23

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