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Of All Kind
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Of All Kind

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A few months ago I had an intensive jaw surgery that left me out of doing anything for a long long time...

I want to return to jagex on my ironman but i want to purchase premier club. is there any special exceptions to the rule? is there anyway i can talk to a customer service representative about this issue?

thank you!

25-Mar-2020 00:53:52

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Hi there
Of All Kind

Premier Club is based on the calendar year, meaning this years one is the 2020 Premier Club.
It has to go off sale by a certain date so that players can receive all their 2020 benefits during the year.
It can't overlap too far into 2021 as 2021 Premier Club will have started by then.

I doubt you will be able to get assistance to purchase Premier Club now and there is no contact point dedicated to this topic.

If you wish to message Billing Support to request special assistance, try using the contact point on the Refunds support page.
Navigation: Contact Us -> No -> Jagex -> Request a Refund which will take you to a message form.
It doesn't matter that the page topic is 'Refunds', it will still get you through to the people you need to talk to.
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