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Hi there
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The confirmation email is sent to the email you entered when you paid.
It is not automatically sent to the registered email so, if you typo'd the email address, it might have gone astray.

However, you can check if the membership has been added by logging in to account management on the website.

Click on 'Account' at the top of this page, log in and look on the right hand side of the next page under 'Membership' to see how much membership is showing.

Also, work through the Not receiving emails support page.
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26-Oct-2019 09:14:05

Marit Solers
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Marit Solers

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Can someone please tell me how long it takes from hitting the confirmate mail button to actually receiving the mail? I made an account, not this one, a few days ago, and have been trying to confirmate mail, add authenticator and make the account secure, but I don't receive any mail from Jagex. Now I cant play on it since the mailaddress havent been confirmated, only I dont get the mail from Jagex....It's very annoying.

I'm not a rooky, I know where to look for mails, and it's just not coming. I have checked the mail works on this new acc, since I made a new mailaddress to make the account. I have tried mailing to this address myself, and it takes but minutes. It's the username when I logg in to the new account, so please, I could use a timeframe, please?

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