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Hey guys,

Here are some FAQs on our interactive video adventure, Sliske's Labyrinth.

If you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments and we'll answer what we can.

What is the competition and how can I enter?

Sliske's Labyrinth is an interactive 'choose your own adventure' video, in which your decisions define your outcome.

Your choices will lead to an outcome - good or bad - and there are 5 potential ways out. Find one of those, and great! You've conquered the Labyrinth. Follow the instructions at on that video to enter!

You'll also receive 4 teasers for Sliske's Endgame rewards. Enter if you dare!

What's the prize?

The prize is one of five Gold Premier Club memberships, on an account of your choice.

When will a winner be drawn, and how will they be contacted?

We'll contact winners through the in-game mailbox of the RSN you provide on the video (so remember to keep checking!). We'll choose our winners on the week beginning December 19th, and you have 7 days to claim the prize - otherwise we'll choose another winner.
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Found them all 5 and had fun doing it :D
Amusing story, well read :D
Loved what happened with the 'secret giveaway'

Amund148 said:
I got the solution to the "Wait" video but I can't enter the answer... Can someone help? (I tied this:
is that wrong?)

Remove the
letters in the link and replace them with your answer IN FULL CAPS.
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Amund148 said:
I got the solution to the "Wait" video but I can't enter the answer... Can someone help? (I tied this:[MYANSWER] is that wrong?)

Yes, that is definitely wrong.

You need to type the answer like this.

Hope that helps!
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