Patch Notes - 30/09

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KleinAndi said:
Well, for the bank clean-up: it would be nice to have a warning that there will be a return fee before retrieving the item from Django...
This was commented on multiple times in the beta.

VeraLynn said:
Apparently I organized my tabs differently than most. Wishing there was a "Food" tab label, "Tools" tab label, and generic "Skilling" tab label.
And this was asked for endlessly, but also ignored. As was the preferred option of freeform text.

01-Oct-2019 08:55:06

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So there's no longer free to play/members' bank slots...does that mean that every account, f2p or members, get the 1320 slots? And is that with or without bank boosters? -Jim from*x

Yes about these bank boosters? Are they being removed if so are those who purchased them through Solomon be reimbursed?

This bank update -Obviously like 3 Mods "baby" has taken ya long enough ,now if only there was a way to make the update - include the wise old man in the update so he'd include those pesky items we wouldn't need any more from pasts quests -would be broadened greater so that that the quest point chest -which needs some improvement - would have room for all past present and future useless quest items . _ thank you

I ALSO and this is big would appreciate it if the ninjas would stop cutting beneficial rewards of existing quest reward items making the nerfed so badly they make people not want to complete quests anymore!

01-Oct-2019 10:50:58

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Haven't yet had occasion to play around with it in full, but update seems to be aight. The placeholders, especially, are a brilliant QoL update. Additional bank space is also nice.

Itnachos11 said:
Rikornak said:
Feels a bit unfamiliar, but it certainly has quite a few long demanded features. Also thanks for the additional bank space, that extension was long overdue.

Itnachos11 said:
Blackwing said:
Thanks for the patches, but what about the content update? Bank improvements were supposed to come out a very long time ago already + we've had so many patch weeks, that there really should be something to do as well. Both patches and content are necessary.

game gets long awaited update...still complains

I mean - it's just not content he wouldn't ever play anyway since he hasn't played RS3 for multiple years now.

oh wow you're right, he hasn't gained any xp in a couple years...i like how he's paying to not play RS

He does play RS, lol. OSRS.
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Note: After looking at a year’s worth of device data we have decided to disable RuneScape Mobile access for some devices, mainly running on Android 5, due to their poor performance and ability to run the game smoothly.

Nice update, but is Android 7 included? Because by the way i can't log into the game using mobile client it seems so.

01-Oct-2019 22:20:43

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Thank-you very much with this new bank update. well done 10/10. Glad you all took caution when implementing this. having a good beta . taking feedback. Also backing up the game before putting update live. You guys are able to do some very good content that helps everyone, not just the few. I encourage you to keep thinking like this. Thank you also for not pushing the weapon diversity. That's good time management-if it doesn't work ,stop:). thanks again

01-Oct-2019 23:00:36

Lord Tharkon
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Lord Tharkon

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The new bank interface takes a bit getting used to but functionally looks great.

Here are some suggestions to make it even better though:

* When withdrawing an item that replaces an equipped item, don't have the bank jump to the tab the replaces item is in. It is very likely we want to stay in the tab we are. In fact, I can't think of a reason why it should ever jump tabs when depositing items.

* When depositing items that do not have a placeholder, have them deposited in the first tab (or allow for the player to set where new items should go). So there isn't bankspace being mysteriously lost to items we don't know are in our bank.
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Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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So, with the new skill and herb/farm 120 my estimate is 700 new items added to the game. You guys really know how to rain on my parade. Didn't Osborne say the game was a bit overcomplicated already? OR was that a dream?

06-Oct-2019 16:03:10

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