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Runescape in the palm of your hands!?? Please! From the good ol cabby patch pking days in Lumbridge to now Mobile Runescape 3 has been an awesome journey. From big ol' tower computers to the phone. How can this NOT be awesome!? I am so thankful and I wanted to let y'all know, even though I'm experiencing bank crashes, I still enjoy this game. I know it'll be fixed in the future with the future updates so I'm not worried about it. If only you can add the skills assist to mobile, that would be great. I've got a few necklaces I have to make and I cannot do it on my own. All in all, this is the greatest MMO game on the market PERIOD. Hands down, Runescape saved my life. Thank you. Veteran

07-Dec-2019 06:52:34

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