Vindicta Log - Road to 1k+

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When thread started KC:438

My KC is currently: 633

Notable Drops:

Anima Core Helmet: 2

Anima Core Body: 1

Anima Core Legs: 1

Essense: 4

Crests: 0

Dragon Rider Lance: 0

I have just achieved 100% reputation and plan to put in some kills each day that I can.

Achieved 100% rep at 436 and decided to stop to and post a log to keep track of my 100% rep drop-rates of rares, pets, and just some notable achievements.

The current goal is just to get to 1k and hopefully achieve some rares along the way. I think 438 is a pretty decent dry spell so I'm going to try and push through.

Equipment being used:

Torva, Steads, Blood fury, Scythe, slayer cape, ring of fortune, & barrows gloves. I'd do some more upgrades like ring of death but, I will start to accumulate to big of a risk when I die to hurt my hourly. Because lag issues of late and cpu freezes.

So I'm going to attempt to get the asylum surgeon ring soon. If I feel up for it, I'll get the fire cape v2.


Side Goals:

Get QP for Worlds Wakes and finish that. [ ]

Get Asylum Surgeons Ring. [ ]

Get 80 agility. [ ]

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Day 1 of Log:


Notable Drops: Zamorak Essense

New Kill Count: 474


Ended up doing 16 Gregorovic for a reaper task. I am now 3 tasks shy of 300 reaper points for a Hydrix. The current plan is to sell, perhaps I change depending on cash flow from a rare between here and then.


Day 2 of Log:


New Kill Count:537

Notable Drops:

Anima Core Legs

Zarosian Essense


Still dry good rare drops. I did however get 95 prayer today and I've managed to speed up kills another 20 seconds.

I'm getting killing in the high 1 minute category and low 2 minute on average. Long gone are the days of 3-4 min kills.

With a few more changes to my equipment I believe we could get below the 1.5 minute barrier and try to break into 1 minute kills.


Day 3 of Log:


New Killcount:633

Notable Drops: Anima Core Helmet

Zarosian Essense

1k dbones in 6 kills

107 strength


Still dry but received some much needed motivation with the dragon bones drops.

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