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Hey guys,
So I've been playing runescape for a good many years and while sadly I'm not highly active anymore I still love this game. For some time now I've been looking forward to achieving 10 year status but there's something going on.

So I started this account at the very beginning of 2007 but Han says I have another 364 days meaning the start of 2008. But this cannot be as several friends of mine started playing shortly after me and it was shortly after summoning came out that I got membership for the first time. A very memorable time for me and my friend.

I do find it hard to believe that the system is wrong considering the life of the veteran capes but I know for a fact when I started playing. I'm very confused and in dismay over this as I hold deep pride in it. Runescape changed my friend and I's lives forever, I also created a youtube acount at the same time wanting to make machinima and it is a dream I shall not give up.

I'm sure there is nothing to be done as it pertains to computer software that runs rather accurately I'm sure. A perplexing accurance to be sure, I've been keeping track all this time, living experiences that are claimed a lie. Please afford me the drama but I shall still remain an adventurer with the land of Gielinor forever in my dreams!

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If you logged in today and checked and Hans says you have 364 days to go to claim the 10 years veteran cape then nothing more can be done about it. You started end of 2007. I'm ga .

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Summoning was released January 15th 2008.

Which means if you first got membership some time in 2008, if you started 10 years ago then you'd have been free to play for a full year, correct?
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