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Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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Blackwing said:
* Zevrant Bapt: For inspiring me to go back to GWD2 with your dedication to doing Vindicta; arguably, you're the biggest influence that made me go back. > )

Oh geez, thank you! ^_^
And good luck on your further battles in GWD2!

I'll be sure to keep watching how your journal goes! :)
Hiya, I'm Zev! An Ice-focused Drakewing who wants to help out!

Alt - Ferna Bapt
Ironman - Argent Bapt
Zevrant VS Vindicta -
Current KC: 7,914
45 Crests, 29 Lances

23-Nov-2016 19:35:45

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