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hey sup guys this is more a mathematical question as i am completely rubbish when its comes to complex maths, but i just bought the resources to make 5.4k items and for every 28 it takes 5 minutes. so how long would it takes to complete the entire 5.4k in minutes and hours. my goal is to get to 80 for invention by the way. also it's incredibly unlikely any 1 reading this will end up seeing me, but if you do please understand i will be taking quick glimpses at my computer every now and then, but i am completely away from keyboard, so if i don't respond or miss your messages while trying to talk to me, i do apologize I'm not being rude i just find smithing boring. thanks for your understanding and your help in advance.

happy gaming guys and hope your goals become a reality too.

Edit 1: i will say i bought 54k iron and 108k coal, but i did notice for every 10 steel it reduces it to 1 steel, which is why its 5.4k not 54k. weather or not that helps you guys to calculate I'm not sure, but there's little more info for you.

Edit 2: sorry i keep adding stuff, but 1 other thing occurred to me. i kind of learning the artisans stuff at the moment and i was wondering what i do with the respect that i earn too?

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Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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(5,400 / 28) * 5 = approx. 964 minutes. So 16 hours. (Not including time to deposit and take out more ingots.)

Also you can use Respect to buy rewards from one of the dwarves downstairs in the workshop, you'll wanna buy the 'Learner' rewards to increase experience from following the dwarf's instructions for Burial Armour.

Also the Goals and Achievements section is for sharing your own goals and achievements, might be better to ask for help in the RuneScape Guides and Help section.
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