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We are aware that a number of Clans have had leaders who over time have become inactive and left those clans in a very difficult situation. While we are currently designing an Inactive Clan Leader System to provide with the process and tools we consider necessary to allow for safe transference of Clan Ownership, we do not feel this will be in place quickly enough for those who are now in this situation. For this reason we have put in place a manual system to allow us to make the changes – we would ask those Clans with inactive owners, that meet the criteria below, to post on this thread and we will look at each request. All requests will be hidden once processed – both successful and unsuccessful requests will be replied to in thread with details of the processing of their request. We would expect processing these requests to take about a month on average as the changes require live editing.


1) Your Clan Leader must have been inactive (ie not logged in) for over 12 months.
2) One of the existing Clan deputies must have been active in the last 7 days.
3) The request for change of ownership must be made by an existing clan deputy.


Clan: Clan Name
Inactive Clan Owner: Inactive Owner Name
New leader: New Leader name
Details: Any other information you need should go here

Happy Clanning!

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