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I have visited X clans of late.

Most are empty, 3 - 5 players

The rest are as in the past 3 or 4 tight players that love each other.

As a returning player - it appears the clan system is dead :(

29-Oct-2019 01:04:43

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Ripsterholes said:
it appears the clan system is dead :(

This is far from the truth as clans are very much alive and thriving. You've probably visited individual clans that are no longer active which doesn't portray an accurate view of the current state of clans as a whole.

There are thousands of active clans in this game, and nearly all players either currently belong to a clan or have belonged to a clan before. I'd suggest checking out some of the more popular clans, and I'm sure you'll see a difference. :p
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29-Oct-2019 13:09:42

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Tren said:
If you make a thread in the Recruitment – Looking for a clan Forum that describes what type of clan you are looking for (activities, time zone, etc..) you'll likely end up with at least 2 pages of invitations from very active clans.
clanning is dead in the wilderness.The only thing that is out there now is open cc's and small teams.It's because of terrible mistakes in Jagex's past that let huge clans like ROT DDOS any competition out of the game then even get mods gifted to them by corrupt mods like reech among other things.Bad ideas for rejuvinating the wilderness also caused this issue, the revenant cave is nothing but a protection racket for open cc's to be paid for open cc's and not actual skill, make revs roam again and numbers of people in the wild will spread right across the map instead of in one place alone and bring back simple minigames like "Fist of Guthix" without the op rewards.And that Boss spider takes up ta huge area where singles bridding was there should be some kind of dragon imo and that spider should be moved into a cave as it makes way more sense.

16-Nov-2019 12:32:27

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Blood Masked, rather than responding to an older thread, in which the conversation had ceased, it would be better, if you created your own thread.

When you do create your thread, please avoid derailing your thread with complaints about moderation. Please bear this in mind, before you post again.

16-Nov-2019 13:08:05

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