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no lucky dip winnings, not a single one~! why? WHY? I want to ragequit
3 days left and still not a one? why? WHY? WHY?
ill ragequit soon ... give me my damn gold watch, I give you TONS of cash
I put in my time in this damn company and no GOLD WATCH
this is how I see this and why ill ragequit, we put in the time and money and now we all want our gold watches, we earned them~!
palia comes out, new world is now open and i already spend most of my time and money on FFXIV because of feeling BURNED by lucky dip, guess ill take my burned butt to the burn ward on another game
this feeling of being screwed out of something I think everyone should get because its the doofy god wars and barrows junk and is basically useless in end game and we have your happy A**** doling it out like it was actual gold and actually useful ... sick and sad ....
I left before because you gave away free a TON of fashions i bought with actual money, like go ahead and say F U to a Solomon's store buyer and don't even offer us a alternative
more bad ideas than you could shake a stick at .....
tldr? I came back to more misery, loosing a blooming lottery every single day for 28 days makes homer something something .....

28-Sep-2021 03:45:23

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