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Ekimike said:
I have comp, going for trim, and I think it is all fair enough, but there are two that bother me:

Chompy birds - This one just feels grinds for no reason; I accept that, but it would be nice to see some more unlockables (maybe overrides) as you get more chompy birds. This one should just be modified to make it feel more rewarding (even minor).

Conquest - this mini game needs to be removed.

"The 'Conquest Adore' achievement is no longer required for the Trimmed Completionist Cape."
- Ninja Strike 26, Weekly Update September 13, 2021.

18-Sep-2021 18:40:41



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Smasherley said:
Trimmed comp is a grind cape, it's purely a bragging rights cape. it's not meant to be made easy for lazy people.

They could of halved the castle wars cost of profund again or made cheaper through Thaler.

Removing it was disasterous to what was left of the minigames section of Runescape, it was only hanging by a thread on the basis that profound was required for trimmed. Since it's removal no minigame is ever active again, Except Castle Wars.. Ironically the requirement that was removed.

Being trimmed it's pretty annoying that Jagex keep devaluing the achievement repeatedly

They've made it so the cape is nothing but cosmetic, don't understand why they need to interfere with it anymore, if people aren't willing to put in the extra time

Then they don't deserve the right to wear it.

However I will agree if they're not willing to update and overhaul the minigames of Runescape then it shouldn't take 5-10 years to remove them.

Evidently Jagex have a different opinion, hence they relaxed the Trimmed Comp cape requirements this week.

Achievement Cape aren't cosmetic only. They have a lot of OP features such as having 3 flexible skill cape perks on it the same time. That's why Jagex are keep adding requirements to them. However the trend is they want them to be living cape with more and more requirements but less grinding is needed for these requirements. Good idea really! :)

19-Sep-2021 16:28:32



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NinjaáPixie said:
Kerapak req was just unlock the music, why is Arch Glacor Hardmode now a req?

I'll think different bosses have different requirements for different achievements. Croesus's requirement can be different from Kerapac and Arch Glacor and the 4th EGWD boss probably will have different requirements than the first 3.

Ice Telos is comparable to Telos in the enrage category, hence likely the reason it has the 1 kill at 100% enrage requirement similar to Telos.

27-Sep-2021 03:56:12

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