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Trimmed comp is a grind cape, it's purely a bragging rights cape. it's not meant to be made easy for lazy people.

They could of halved the castle wars cost of profund again or made cheaper through Thaler.

Removing it was disasterous to what was left of the minigames section of Runescape, it was only hanging by a thread on the basis that profound was required for trimmed. Since it's removal no minigame is ever active again, Except Castle Wars.. Ironically the requirement that was removed.

Being trimmed it's pretty annoying that Jagex keep devaluing the achievement repeatedly

They've made it so the cape is nothing but cosmetic, don't understand why they need to interfere with it anymore, if people aren't willing to put in the extra time

Then they don't deserve the right to wear it.

However I will agree if they're not willing to update and overhaul the minigames of Runescape then it shouldn't take 5-10 years to remove them.

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