Steelseries ...get key ?

Quick find code: 15-16-31-66229642

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Troll MkV
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Troll MkV

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trying the recent update, i have registered and trying to follow the steps however i don't see runescape on the list neither the "get key" option ?

Here's what to do:

Log-in or register on the SteelSeries site.
Click 'Get Key'.
Copy the key.
Follow redemption instructions here on

can someone explain what to do
just wasted my time to register

20-Sep-2021 14:07:14

Jul Member 2021


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Its probably how Steel may do there promo drops at midnight or at a certain times of the day :) main thing is your registered ready for when it does drop to grab them "goodies" (u say ironman? HA i trump you as steelman!!! SteelSeries man ;) )

20-Sep-2021 14:13:37

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