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Report a Bug

What's the difference between a bug and a tech issue?

A technical issue is anything that is preventing you from being able to load, or play any Jagex products.

A bug is an error in the coding of the game that affects the way it runs. We consider a bug to be any piece of broken code that stops the game or website working as it should. An example of this would be: being awarded 10000XP instead of the usual 10 for completing a common task.

Bug Reports (may include but not limited to):

  • Points in a quest where you can't continue due to a quest becoming impossible to complete

  • Map areas where you can get stuck or that don't look quite right

  • Graphical glitches such as animations not playing properly

  • Spelling and grammatical errors

RuneScape - Content

  • When you spot a bug click on the Report button and choose 'report a bug'.

  • The first thing you need to do is choose a category and subcategory that best describes your bug.

  • Next you need to describe the bug in as much detail as you can.

  • In the final box, explain how you made the bug occur again. If you couldn't make the bug happen again, leave this section.

  • When you are ready, press 'proceed' to send us your bug.

If you see another player involved in bug abuse, please send through a bug report as usual. It would also be helpful if you could include the names of the players involved.

RuneScape - Technical

If you can't load the game or any other technical issue prevents you accessing the in-game bug reporter, you can submit a technical bug report from the website here.

Choose the 'website/technical' option, read through the information, then press 'continue'.

Please try to include details of any error messages you see and information such as what version of Java you are using and what web browser you are using as this will help us to reproduce the problem.

Old School RuneScape

If you have found a bug with Old School RuneScape, you can submit a bug here. Choose the 'RuneScape Old School' option, read through the information, then press 'continue'.

First, select a category for your issue from the drop down box. The rest of the process is like making a forum post:

  • Give your issue a title - preferably one that indicates the main problem

  • Describe your issue - go into as much detail as you can.

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