Part 2 Battle of the Monolith

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Perfect setup for Part 2 Battle of the Monolith.

Place Helwyr right on the Monolith platform at the mid point were the cacklers can go both ways. Place Zilyana and Nex at the Southern barricade as close as you can get them to it but on each side of the path right next to the barricade. Place Thaerisk at the northern barricade in the middle in front of the barricade but not right on it move him up a bit just enough so he can attack sooner and you can see the barricade.

What happens is Helwyr uses his AOE mushroom attack to damage most as they come out, Nex and Zilyana have NO problem keeping the southern barricade safe together. You just have to support Thaerisk using Range or Magic every now and then. I use range, not my best combat but I would use Deaths Swiftness right at the north barricade to help Thaerisk if he needed and then hit more cacklers just south of it. I tried this a few times and almost never had to worry about the south barricade. The last time I didn't even check it. I never lost a barricade each time I set it up this way wasn't even close.

I had tried this with Nex at the monolith first and Helwyr at the south but he needed more help and since Thaerisk and Zilyana could protect the north with little issue I switched Helwyr and Nex and gave Nex help with Zilyana.

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