120 combat next big update?

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Vengeanceáof said:
Won't happen any time soon. Jagex wants to do a Mining/Smithing rework style overhaul with Ranged and Magic gear, and I highly doubt 120 combat skills are going to happen before that (well, aside from maybe Summoning), if at all.

I can't see it happening any earlier than 2025 at this rate, probably later. So, don't worry about it for now.

And if I understand correctly, a big part of why they haven't even begun work on those reworks is because the skills for gathering the materials and making the gear don't follow a simple binary like Mining and Smithing. Fletching and Runecrafting are usually the core skills for ammo/runes, but you also have to factor in skills like Crafting, Woodcutting, Mining, and Smithing. You would likely have to revise how all these skills even work together, and such an overhaul would likely have to be 2-3 times as big as the Mining/Smithing rework, given the sheer amount of skills involved. I would not be surprised if they would have little choice but to tackle Ranged and Magic at the same time.

The Mining/Smithing rework is one of my favorite updates in recent years, but I have many reservations over how they could even pull off a similar rework for Ranged and Magic.

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They should increase the experience over 200mil aswell. Maybe possibly 400mil? Jagex is very slow when it comes to keeping up in todays gaming industry so we probably wouldn't see 120 combat stats 5 years later.

11-Jun-2021 11:26:30

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I've fantasized about 120 combat stats for ages and I really hope it's done relatively soon. My suggestion would be to roll out the additional weapons, abilities, and reworks, as slowly as needed to allow for other content to come out, but allow 120 combat stats to increase your base damage, so as not to dramatically increase damage output until down the line when the content can justify higher tiered weapons and bosses. Getting max combat in RuneScape these days didn't even feel much like an achievement and it seems like almost everyone is max combat. To me, getting a skill to 120, is essentially the old school equivelant of getting a 99. Seeing people with 120 capes gives me that "oh wow, nice job. That's awesome" feeling I used to get at the thought of level 99 skill capes, so I feel like the base damage increase would provide a well deserved advantage for the players that did grind those virtual 120's. Even if it's like a 5-10% base damage increase or something, and no higher tier weapons coming out for like 5 years, that'd still be amazing I think.

16-Jun-2021 07:15:22

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aqarwaen said:
in april 18 jagex added 120 slayer update.
let face it guys most of us have already 100+ or 120 combat skill achieved,so it wont hurt add 120 combat.
this would add also add more balance to combat and weapon system + we could get more end game content.

Maybe by the year 2075. Let's be honest, Jagex hardly moves at a fast pace. Better off finding a similar game type than waiting for 120 combat in this game.
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I don't think 120 combat stats will happen, at least for a very long time yet. With previous skills they needed to be made 120 to fit in the newer content that has been added to them, otherwise everything would have just been 99.

With combat skills that's not really necessary due to the tier system. While it generally follows the trend of tier level = level required. That doesn't mean it's always going to be a hard and fast rule. It'll be a while yet but apart from Achto, we haven't reached tier 99 (at least outside of Daemonheim anyway). But when we do, Jagex can release higher tier weapons and armour but with a requirement of 99.

We're sort of seeing that logic currently with certain weapons, i.e, Inquistor's staff and Terrasaur maul where despite being normally a tier 80 weapon have an effect making them a tier 97 against certain monsters. And others having lower tier accuracy but higher tier damage, etc.

Another reason for why it'll be a while is due to the formula used for damage and accuracy calculation. So when the base level is 120 and then you add elder overload boosts and dragon battle axe special to strength, as they are working on percentages it means the boosts will be exponentially better and therefore the accuracy and damage boosts would be exponentially better.

This means that, while power creep is inevitable and good for the game, the power creep from going from 99-120 combat stats would be so much it'd make end game bosses available at the time a walk in the park, when power creep should be small and gradual to keep bosses challenging while providing something new and awesome to attain. A sudden huge power creep on that level would make the game boring in my opinion.

I do like the idea however of gradually increasing the combat skills, but that shouldn't really happen until we hit tier 99 armours and weapons at least.
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22-Jun-2021 10:45:13



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Acra said:

Maybe by the year 2075.

If it doesn't happen before 2038, it will never happen.

All computers die in 2038. Check out the 2038 problem. It's the "real y2k".

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120 combat skills would be good, it would shift the ridiculous state of the market too. It blows my mind that any weapon which is obtainable from regular gameplay can be worth 3-4 times a maximum cash stack. If you consistently make 50m gp per hour, it would take you 140 hours to buy the fractured staff of Armadyl at 7b gp. I get that you can do all content in the game without these elite items, and even with a 120 combat skill update the power will just shift further, but perhaps it would make more content accessible for players like myself who have busy lives and would still like to get the most from the game.

20-Sep-2021 09:40:09

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Ok peeps, lots of feedback on this hot topic, but ill say this while were debating.

Overloads get us up there so we know fairly well what the individual stats look like in combat already, and some peeps out there still cant solo content with 117+ combat stats as it is. So would it be that hard to find out what upgrades to bosses would be needed in order to balance out the game? there's already hard mode so wouldn't something like a legend mode make sense. Seems at least for the most part simple to me. Jagex shelled out hard mode gw1/2 pretty quickly and hard mode helwyr is still a nightmare. In addition GW1 is hardily Godly at this point, even hard mode. and these bosses were supposed to be the pinnacle of their gods support? Really?

And for the content, some of you ancient players like me may remember back in the dark ages, the highest tier equipment in the game with a level cap of 99 was tier 40 rune... and it took many years for them to fill out higher tier equipment, and balance it to the game. it wasn't until like 15 years after game launch and a few reworks later that T90 was even an option Jagex is not in a rush.

For the abilities, they go through the occasional rebalancing, and new codices are added to the game seemingly regularly now. On that note does it matter if there are any core abilities over level 99 at least for the moment? besides the highest tier abilities in the game right now are sub Level 85, were in no rush.

In conclusion:
1. Combat levels 120 would not kill the game, and would open some content to less try hardy players.

2. Overloads wouldn't affect the game nearly as much as some may think because the stat extrapolation at higher tiers has diminishing returns anyways.

3. Much of the high level content has damage caps/gate and hard typeless damage as it is so over tanking, and over DPSing shouldn't be a problem either. especially if these mechanics are added/improved in higher tier Bosses.

4. Its going to happen anyways, why wait?
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14-Oct-2021 22:35:37

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I see a lot of posts about, if combat skills are shifted to 120, that there would be this sudden gap hole to fill; however, that presumes that combat wouldn't be rebalanced, or that the levels above 99 would have to be linear.

Imagine for a second that weapons and armour were rebalanced: so that a tier-50 becomes a tier 60, a tier-70 becomes a tier-80, or a tier-95 becomes a tier-110. That would allow for more variance in weapon and armour types, and give Jagex room to rebalance some of the current armour and weapons (because lets face it, there are a ton of weapons and armour between t-70 and t-90), and provide more room to grow in the future (tiers 110-120). That wouldn't change the fact that the current endgame weapons would still be end-game weapons. This fact could be extended to support skills (like fletching, crafting, smithing, etc) so that rather than creating new content from 99-120, the existing content would be would be re-calibrated instead. So level-70 arrows would now require level 80 fletching, etc (and with the way runecrafting works, it would just mean crafting multiples of higher tier runes).

The one downside to this is this: if, for example, someone with 99 in all combat skills currently had a t-95 weapon, and the combat skills were moved to level 120, alongside a corresponding increase in the tier, that would likely mean that you would now need level 110 of those same combat skills to now use that high-end weapon. Imagine needing level 110 ranged to use a t-95 bow, rather than level 99 (or lower). I think that wouldn't be such a big deal, tbh. Most people using that high-end gear already have those virtual levels.

Increasing the combat skills to level 120 would also allow for new combat abilities to be unlocked, which could be the crux of the change from 99-120. Because, lets face it, combat has become as much about the new or upgraded abilities, as it is about gear or stats. Grico does more for DPS than a ranged level or two...

17-Oct-2021 19:09:41

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