Price check on Sana's Fyrtorch

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I did not print screen it or have proof/proof but I can testify what happened for me. Day one I bought one for like 250m, then the player I was sponsoring got her own as a drop at 50 kc, which was great, but then I got one as drop and didn't need to give it to her, so I put it on GE for the same 250m I remember payin for one, and it instantly sold for like 350m.

Now because the merchants and stuff realllllly care about their margins when they price check they might protest what I'm sayin, but you can also check out makeiru's video and he shows on screen where he sold (or was it bought? I forget) one for 333m. so its going up it looks like.

edit/add: if/when p mod summoned on me please feel free to hide my answer if someone else has a better answer with a screenshot and stuff. no contest.
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