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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to possibly show the rarest item in game; the 5gp Raw Shrimp. I have had it for a while but wanted to showcase it now. I have no idea where it may have came from since it was just sitting in my bank. Therefore, some speculation can occur, tutorial island? It cannot be sold in the GE. Please let me know if you have any theories on where it could've came from.
It is not a quest item; Beneath Cursed Tides. That shrimp is non trade-able and no drop option.

Below are the details on the shrimp:
'old' = past state shrimp , 'new' = current state shrimp

Value compared to 'new' shrimp:

Examine chat box comparison:
'new' :
'old' :

Can it be dropped? Yes.
'new' :
'old' :

Can it be disassembled? Yes.
'new' :
'old' :

You have now seen the rarest item in game, is it the left one or right one?

Let me know what ya think!

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As said in-game, cool item.
I would like to talk about this and perhaps purchase this for a good price (negotiable) to add to my unique collection.

See you in-game.

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I would like Jagex to update the game to where this item is never created again, making it a new discontinued edible. Even unintentional, it's always nice to see new and exciting items become a desired item for collectors.

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Cannot be traded in ge.

Rare Raw shrimp for 5gp - can be cooked.
Rare Pot of flour for 10gp - retains its old look (different look from new pot of flour), cannot be emptied, don't know if it can be used in cooking.

Ps. I am selling both if anyone interested and can catch me online make an offer.

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