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Now the new boss has introduced tradable off hand skilling items, I’ve created a thread for all skilling related items.

- Scripture of BIK.
- Tagga’s core hammer.
- Sana’s fyrtorch.
- Brooch of the gods.
- Grace of the elves.
- Luck of the dwarves.
- Dragon hatchet/pick axe/mattock/ smith-able versions.
- Invention supplies fishing,mining,woodcutting accumulators/ XP capacitors/ Siphons.
- MTX Portables/Silverhawk feathers/ Magic Note paper/ Springs.

- General supplies, i,e urns, skillchompas, pouches, incense etc.

Let me know if I’m missing any items! I am aware some of these items are Pc’ed in some other threads but I’ve included them in here as it seems more fitting, If this is a problem I can remove them. Thank you :)
PM for skilling supplies/custom orders. :)
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27-Sep-2021 14:14:59

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I had screenie of surprise sale prices for gather scrims a few days ago... Im sure it aint this high now, but... you can imagine my surprise the wc one shot away insta at 3.5m. I think theyre back down now, but...

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28-Sep-2021 02:15:25

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Sorry but I don't see a need for another Status thread within the ID section because some boss drops a few items. Many of the items are all ready PC'd on other threads.

Please rememebr not every item needs a status thread.

Now before people get upset I will pass this along to Jagex for review. It may be reopened if they say so. If not then it will remain locked.
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28-Sep-2021 09:34:24

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