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Fun Lupon

Fun Lupon

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If you multiply the Traded Volume x 5, this player says you get a good estimate of rare numbers. I'd like to know if this is true before the Steam release.

Mytrix said:
NOTE: the calculations have been made from February 2017 until 10 Augustus 2017! The calculations are made on 11 Augustus 2017.

So here we go...

First of all, we had to guess how many unique holly wreaths are traded within the past 6 months. Based on some experience and realistic thoughts, I assumed there are around 20% unique wreaths being traded. Others are at people their bank (never traded) or some even lost by many methods. That makes around 200 unique holly wreaths being traded through the G.E. in the past 6 months.

The price of holly wreath updated 7 times in the past 6 months (as of 11 August 2017). That makes 7 updates for a volume of 200 holly wreaths. Now let’s do the math for the other rares.

First row gives the rare item. The second is the update frequency (6 month). The third row is the traded volume in the G.E.

Holly Wreath

Update frequency: 7 \t
Traded volume: 200

Christmas Scythe

Update frequency: 33
Traded volume: 943
Half full wine jug

Update frequency: 0,25 to 0,50
Traded volume: 7 to 14

Disk of returning

Update frequency: 1
Traded volume: 30


Update frequency: 2
Traded volume: 57

Easter egg

Update frequency: 8
Traded volume: 229
Black Santa hat
Update frequency: 19
Traded volume: 543

Santa hat

Update frequency: 72\t
Traded volume: 2057

Red hallowe’en mask

Update frequency: 16
Traded volume: 457

12-Oct-2020 19:02:53



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Interesting analysis. I’d say only the holly wreath total count figure is certain. Some of the non wearable rare counts look too low when you multiply x5. The analysis does seem directionally helpful.
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13-Oct-2020 06:39:23

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Inaccurate but one piece of evidence. As price goes up, you expect more items to enter the market. So, if I buy 50 pumpkins, that won't necessarily impact the market. Krim might sell all 50 and buy eggs with the proceeds. Conan, what is best in life? Phats and beach tokens.
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13-Oct-2020 20:08:40

Fun Lupon

Fun Lupon

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Well at least we know these numbers must outdated now as many players take breaks from playing. Otherwise last week, over 24 hours, 10,000+ Santa Hats rose by 2b, and ~2700 Black Santa Hats rose by 5b.

That's 33.5 Trillion gp in one day. Imagine it's the equivalent of 50k players making 600m. Since many players have left, the real figure must be less.

29-Sep-2021 13:45:58



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Older thread but I like it. Numbers are inaccurate but this is very interesting to see.
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29-Sep-2021 14:20:48

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feels like a sort of guideline about quantity. doesnt really reflect todays market maybe the owner of the thread could take a new look at it?. it would help alot. 2022 is here!. new santa? check!. new phat? check!. tuffty's funny jokes? check!. lets get this year started!!

29-Sep-2021 15:27:21

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If you need to discuss something thats been posted on another thread you would be far better off asking on that thread instead of a new seperate thread. Even if the thread is several months old and your question is relivent it shouldn't get locked for Gravebumping. After all you are asking a legit question about something that caught your eye.

So in a nutshell please ask on the thread where you got the question from.

This was locked as a duplicate question.

Also remember anything posted on the thread in question is well over 12 months old so the data is old. Very old. ;)
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