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Loki said:
Added a couple of extra tips I saw and liked, to the OP. :)
Established said:
- Sometimes people post ranges for their own benefit and don't reflect the recent trades

- Check if price checkers ranges even reflect the trades they have listed.

- If a post looks suspicious, for example failing to mention second parties, screenshots, prices that seem very inaccurate compared to recent trades within the thread, then be very cautious.

Really wanted to add this one also, but there's no more space in the OP. :(
Established said:
- Some users will change their examine to claim they are accurate PC'ers, because this falls in a grey area and Fmods are unable to take action, be aware that some of these are false, they may even mention this in their post to try and deceive people.

So happy that you took notice of my posts! I will keep posting as i do and hopefully we can make a difference. It's a a team effort and i'm sure it has saved a lot of people from falling victim to manipulation already.

I'll continue using this alt account to post and keep my anonymity because i'm concerned i would get abusive messages on my main. :)

02-Sep-2020 09:19:35

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