seasons sets, th rares, etc

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id want to buy a seasons set, fruit parastols, bloodtusk, gem items, basically all th discontinued rares but…

will they be reintroduced? seriously i don’t wanna spend billions on items if in a month from now they could be worth 100k.

i hope they’d make a statement where they say what items will be reintroduced and what items won’t.

i currently have 1 half full wine jug, 4 wreaths and 5 disks and those are all my rares. I sold 10 red masks recently too. but now I just wanna invest in more reasonably priced rares.

like what if i bought 100 seasons set and they re released them? i would literally high alch everything! so i wanna know will seasons set be re released? what about snow capes and jumpers? Christmas tree hat too? i literally don’t trust anything atm. they broke my heart when they made rainbow aura go from 150m to 1m, i had so many and same goes for some gem items. now they’re basically worthless.

what if they re release bsh? what if they re release wreath too and the Christmas scythe? the only items i’m certain won’t be re released are old rares from rsc. I really lost trust in every item recently. i mean how this is going i wouldn’t be surprised if they literally added pumpkins to farming tbh…

I had so many so called rares yet they all got re released. this is so disappointing. i wish we could get a list of confirmed discontinued rare items

16-Oct-2021 12:39:17

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For the traditional discontinued items (phats, santa, hween, egg/pumpkin, etc), its fairly set they wont be re-released. As far as the TH discontinued items go, there's not that much of a guarantee. Personally, I wouldn't invest in them, at least not for the long term.
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to invest into these items after the current trend of jagex and tokens, I wouldn' sure lots of people can buy billions of seasons, it just isn't a smart move, However if you believe they're discontinued, then maybe it'll work out? idk good luck..

16-Oct-2021 12:51:04



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Better not buy those and spent your cash on old rares. If those sof/th rares will be reintroduced you will be heartbroken again and perhaps leave runescape.
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20-Oct-2021 19:32:34

Naruto Sage

Naruto Sage

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From what I know, the crown of seasons is pretty much discontinued, cause they reintroduced the coronets, gave them to every player, but removed the option to craft the crown. Crown of seasons was never a full item given to players, always had to be crafted. If we take that as any indication, the rest of the seasons items might also be discontinued. If you have the money to risk, I'd say seasons items are a good bet.

20-Oct-2021 20:40:40

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Absolutely agree with you, well explained.

Shop_keeper said:
Better not buy those and spent your cash on old rares. If those sof/th rares will be reintroduced you will be heartbroken again and perhaps leave runescape.

20-Oct-2021 22:15:23

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Its kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. If you wait for some official statement from Jagex(Which is unlikely), chances are the items will skyrocket in price if they say they're discontinued and you'll miss out on the gains. The other option is they say nothing and certain items get rereleased and they crash. Its all a gamble. Best bet is if you want to invest in lower end uncertain "rares" to just do it now while prices are still relatively low. Keep a balance of old rares and new ones. If you can afford it and you want certain items, just buy one of each so you have everything.

Consider your max profit potential/fashionscape vs max loss. If you invest 2b, the most you can lose is 2b(but you still have the item for fashionscape), but the max profit is potentially infinite and historically will just go up with inflation(where as holding GP, you're losing purchasing power by inflation alone, not including demand/rarity).

20-Oct-2021 23:35:00

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Since I have a gem sack, I believe you should definitely buy a gem sack.

I have no other input. And I'm not advertising, just joking around. If I instead posted "oh the gem sack is so amazing," it'd just be stupid.

I had thought certain rares were guaranteed discontinued, gem sack not among them. Black santa, pretty sure discontinued. Fish mask, discontinued. I thought seasons fit within that but maybe not. Who knows? I dunno. Seasons pet is a token. If it's in the same category...

I have a set of seasons keepsaked. It's kind of neat looking. I never wear it.

The other concern about gem sack and zombie walk is whether recovery accounts are getting them. Jagex doesn't need to release them if they're brought into the game from recoveries. Those recoveries, I hope, will end. Maybe it's best for the game that Jagex always offer recovery to any who lost data. But it's best for me that supply be limited. And I have both zombie and gem sack; so, I'm talking down my items.

Zombie should be released again, is expected; however, if it is not, and also if the recovery supply ends, it could become the most valuable item in game. Because they get used.

As for what I really believe you should do, I haven't used any of my rare tokens. That pretty much answers my view of risk/reward.
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