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Sá1áMáOáN said:
Raphtalia6 said:
well i dont think any of that is illegal since there is no rule against hoarding.

i also dont get why ppl think its manip to hoard.

i do get it if ppl say its manip if people abuse hoarding to set their own price to resell, but thats similar to merching but the difference is that 1 player holds the whole stock.

up till now there hasnt been 1 player holding all items of 1 unique kind.

there has been groups that hold certain items but no individual player has been able to pull in all the stocks.

simply put: hoarding isnt bad, but the players abusing it to drive prices up are bad.

Does anyone hoard items without the intention of driving up prices? There is literally no logic to hoarding unless this is what you're trying to do. I can't think of a single honorable reason to do so...
Yeah there are people who build collections for the sake of having something others don't. I know someone who hoards acorns and probably has the biggest collection on RS.
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