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This thread is for tracking how many gold partyhats you obtained once released next week. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued. I support discontinued tokens and ending price manipuiation.

15-Nov-2021 10:45:03

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Lol. Rank #56
30/38 boss logs completed.
Would you trust a Price-checking service that has bots running in W2 advertising themselves constantly? I wouldn't!

15-Nov-2021 14:07:59



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you can only obtain 1, so this thread can be closed. Don't trust any pc's listed, any advice or talks between posts on ID forums anymore , the Manips are let loose, especially the main one with 15+ accounts posting acting as different people.. do your own research

15-Nov-2021 14:28:00

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Each player can only create one hat from the shards.

If you were wanting to use this thread to track how many people have bought or sold, the Discontinued Item Status thread will be the thread to use to report your trades.

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15-Nov-2021 15:33:40

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