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Why is it that the new items are listed for 10's or 100's of thousands of gp less than they buy or sell for? ex. Enriched calcified fungus is listed at 6gp but won't buy for less than 30k and can sell at up to 60k instantly and has done so since release, yet the ge tracker and recommended price displays only a 100% increase in price from 5-6gp over the last 7 days? Same with any of the Croesus drops. Why do neither the official ge tracker nor the ingame value reflect these massive differences?

09-Oct-2021 11:17:58

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Radyi said:
pretty much jagex throws a dart at a board and hopes it hits and later updates the price if its wrong
I donít log in but to cap at citadel, but sometimes the original Jagex estimated prices are valuable predictions of future price.
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