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Iv been training slayer using a dragon crossbow and broad bolts. Recently got lucky on an assignment and got an imbued heart drop. Is the armadyl crossbow a decent upgrade considering the price difference?

28-Aug-2021 11:44:55

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one thing though, this is the runescape 3 forums, you might wanna scroll down to the osrs page.

and i wouldn't consider buying an armadyl crossbow since its only 6 attack bonus more over the dragon crossbow, unless you already have full armadyl with pegasian boots.

i would buy necklace of anguish since it offers a 5+ str bonus wich will increase your maxhit slightly, would leave you with 20m left since necklace is only 8-9m or so

then i'd consider buying a dex prayer scroll, they are only 14m or so wich is very worth it, either for slayer or anything boss related if you range alot.

theres plenty of better upgrades to do with the 28m that you got from the imbued heart drop, do abit of research and i'm sure you will manage to work it out, if not you can pm me ingame if you need some help :)

28-Aug-2021 13:24:38

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