Ugliest rainbow items

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What do you think are the ugliest rainbow items? Imo the wings are by far the ugliest but I personally think they are all ugly. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued. I support discontinued tokens and ending price manipuiation.

10-Sep-2021 16:17:03

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They are all ugly and all wings in the game are ugly therefore the rainbow wings are the most ugly of them all. Rank #56
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10-Sep-2021 16:32:27



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Wings are popular with the player base, But I think the rainbow scythe looks the best, The ugliest I'd say is the new rainbow outfit.
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I think ugly is a bit of an extreme term here for these, but I personally wouldn't buy any of them either :P. Little to no TH/SGS cosmetics released within the past couple handful of years have been particularly appealing. It's unfortunate because the recycled model they go with for the capes/cloaks is poor to begin with.. so much talent within that office, too! Argh.

10-Sep-2021 18:07:04

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I'm not a rainbow fan. If i see one irl, sure. Cool. But honestly all of them are terrible to me. Not my thing. That being said the clover doesn't fit the promo and are even worse. At this point i don't think I'm the first to have the idea, but they all need moved to a more fitting holiday. Except the parasol bc why not crash that one with RB right?

10-Sep-2021 18:21:30



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Also not rainbow fan.
However, best is scythe while the worst looking, by far, are wings.
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10-Sep-2021 18:40:46

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