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Apologies for not updating this thread with a list of all items/most recent updates. Personal life has been busier for me but is slowing down soon.

Thanks to everyone who contributes and makes this thread relevant for comparing and understanding value of the weapons.

Please keep posting any and all updates and I can make a list come next week and run from there!
I bought this baby, straight cash

16-Sep-2021 17:10:56

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Some overnights from the last 6hrs

Nis sing 352b
Nib core 510s
Nib sliver 1263s
Nib ohb 1462s

Inb shard 1242b (just now, curious who the flipper with the 994,998 tag is)

Nis core 532b
Nis sliver 1298b
Nis Shard 1272b
Inb sos 417b
Inb khops 177b/300b
Nib ohb 1445s (friend bought overnight, reliable source and more recent than my 1462s)
Inb hex 460b
Inb Inq 326b
Inb seis 196b
Inb spears 100b/392b
Inb asc 192b/193b
Inb bow/staff 125b/134b
Inb drygores 37b/57b/37b - 34b/36b/35b

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Recent prices

Drygores: 37b/57b/37b - 34b/36b/35b- r/l/m
Ascensions: 192b/193b
Seismics: 196b / 352b
Noxious: 308b / 125b / 134b- sc/b/st
Telos: 705b / 1805b /417b- gs/b/st
Praesul: 763s/ 532b
Khopesh: 177b / 300b
Blightbound: x/ 1445s
Spears 100b / 392b
T80+: 545b/ 443s / 326b m/b/st
T95: 1306s/1342b

Items over Max cash are listed with most recent trades, use these as guides.

Recent trades are on the left followed by older*

Eldritch cbow 2147s

2740, 2825, 2737, 2586, 2500, 2500, 2500, 2400

Staff of Armadyl 2147s
6250, 6000, 5000, 4900 x4, 5081**, 4950, 4800, 4595, 4475, 4700

* Only pulled prices as far back as page 23 @Moneyhold.
** Nib via pieces

Posted this to accomodate for Moneyhold being busy with irl. Anything with an x, i'll personally get a price on them throughout today once i have a few ge slots available. These prices will be edited into my above post and then edited into this list. I will likely also update items such as mhb which are 10-15days~ old as of now.

Edits to come.

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