High Level Weapon Status v29

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Recent prices

Drygores: 42b/ 50b / 49b - 57b / 70b / 53b - r/l/m
Ascensions: 184s / 184s
Seismics: 109b / 296b
Noxious: 361b / 149b / 173b- sc/b/st
Telos: 965s/ 1725b /890b- gs/b/st
Praesul: 818b/ 544b
Khopesh: 490b / 690b
Blightbound: 893s / 1244s
Spears 220s / 498s
T80+: 855s/ 495b / 622b m/b/st

Eldritch cbow 2147s

recent trades:

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3140, 3000, 3050, 3150, 3150
I bought this baby, straight cash

18-Jun-2021 07:19:47

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Nis core 544b
Nis wand 843b
Nis mhm 47b
Nis ohm 52b
Inb mhr 40b
Ins inq 600s
Ins sos 873s
Ins sing 280s (this was 2hrs ago)

Edit - Nib wand 816s

2nd edit - Inb mhb 903b

3rd edit - Inb mhb 888b

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