High Level Weapon Status v29

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Recent prices

Drygores: 68b/57b/37b - 34b/36b/35b- r/l/m
Ascensions: 170s/193b
Seismics: 196b / 390s
Noxious: 302b / 125b / 134b- sc/b/st
Telos: 705b / 1980b /417b- gs/b/st
Praesul: 938b/ 571s
Khopesh: 183b / 319b
Blightbound: 1020b/ 1445s
Spears 100b / 392b
T80+: 545b/ 621b / 307b m/b/st
T95: 1132s/1230s

Items over Max cash are listed with most recent trades, use these as guides.

Recent trades are on the left followed by older*

Eldritch cbow 2147s

2740, 2825, 2737

Staff of Armadyl 2147s

6200, 6250, 6000, 5000
I bought this baby, straight cash

29-Sep-2021 03:32:20

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