How to Buy Rares?

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I want to buy a santa hat but I know the street price is well above the max cash stack. So how do I buy one? I know Spirit Shards are used as a secondary currency but is there like some kind of conversion rate I should be aware of.

23-Sep-2021 23:52:20

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You can easily buy them at the pet store in Yanille or at summoning shops, such as Taverly and Priff. In member worlds.

They are 25gp each. If you decide to sell the Santa after buying, beware of scammers. Traders will sometimes offer the wrong amount of shards.

You can buy and sell bulk almost instantly. Shard boxes open easily.
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Coma-Toast29 said:
Spirit Shards sell for 24gp on the GE and on the trade menu. Should I always treat them as 25gp then?

People make daily profit by buying from GE cheaper and reselling to NPC at shops for 25 gp each. 25 gp each is the price set in stone at all summoning shops. This has never changed. So, yes treat them as 25 gp. Always multiple your shards by 25 to see value or divide by 25 to see how many shards you need for a purchase.
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24-Sep-2021 04:32:21

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as others say, spirit shards are always 25 gp ea and when your trading make sure to double check the item your buying or the gp/shards your getting in return since some players put in 2147k gp instead of 2147m gp,

2147k gp=2.147.000
2147m gp=

another scam could be trading items that have a higher ge price than the actual price it gets traded for,

lets say the price for a log on the ge is 500 but when you try to sell a log you have to put it on 75 to be able to sell the log making a loss of 425 over the ge price.
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