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Welcome to the Item Discussion Chat Lounge!

The purpose of this thread is to build a strong Item Discussion (ID) forum community. Many people visit the ID forum on a daily basis and many of us have gotten to know each other on the various threads here. Together, we can create a wonderful ID community. The sky’s the limit!

I invite you to sit back, chat, and talk about different items right here! This is a great place to ask questions and share thoughts on an item or group of items - anything on your mind. Drop by, say hi, and catch up with the ID community! Maybe even make a new friend or two. :)

Shout out to returning folks who participated in the extinct ID Chat Lounge many years ago! We warmly and enthusiastically welcome you back~

ID Champions - Knowledgeable and helpful players who contribute great discussion. Say hello; feel free to directly ask them questions here!

* DofIamingo
* JecaJeca
* Raphtalia6
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* Trip180
* Tuffty

-original post-

Curious what happened to the item discussion chat lounge?

I am enjoying skilling during DXP and was looking for the item discussion chat lounge but discovered it's gone. Thought it'd be nice to say hello to fellow forumers in the item discussion forums while skilling away since I post here a lot. Would be nice to say hello and chat!


Visit the Item Discussion Chat Lounge!
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333333333 said:
Seriously... What happens with the lower rares? They all raises so fast, faster than before!

i wonder if all lower rares will eventually hit the max cash stack and then rush like holywreath etc. i dont expect it but maybe the place in the market they are now will change in the future.

i mean black santa hat was once like 3.8b and now about double the amount+ 800 or so to my surprise because most ppl i hear love the normal version more because of the original colours in it.

Then there is scythe who is limited on its quantity and the mask set thats an rs icon because of its age. then there is disk of returning and eggs etc but you cant wear those. only stake them or show off your wealth.

hit me up for some feedback or additional information.
heyhey, if your reading this i hope your going to have a wonderful day.
summer is gone by and were going into the last months till 2022!.

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