Item Discussion Rules

What is the Item Discussion Forum for?

This forum can be used to discuss any in-game items. You could use it for price checks and also post where players can find items.


Can I sell my items here?
Please use the Marketplace Forums. Players only want to discuss items in this forum.

Can I say that my item is worth more than it is?
No ľ this is called price manipulation and is a permanent ban offence. Make sure you are honest about the prices you pay for or sell items at.

Someone here has said that their item is worth more than I think it is
We cannot endorse the prices listed in this forum, so you should not fully trust anything you see listed without doing your own research prior.

What if I think the moderators are wrong?
Forum moderators are hand-picked by Jagex and will make decisions based on their training and game knowledge. Though those decisions may not reflect what you think, their actions are on behalf of Jagex, and are therefore final.