Daily Challenges Rework

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Dear people at Jagex:

Just to say a big thanks about the upcoming rework of one of my favorite activities in game, totally a must-do-every-single-day along some other activities. In my opinion, this will add more value, diversity and easyness. The idea of having a "claim rewards" button is what I like about this game, when the updates enhance the old with less steps, not necessarily a total overdo. I believe this is a very nice update.

Currently got Herblore, Farming and Slayer challenges on. The first two will greatly benefit from this, since I tend to do farm runs right after log in and before leaving the game.

Small fixes are great stuff.
Hope you do more of this in the future :)
Loving Archaeology so far... it's so GRINDY :D

12-Dec-2019 02:52:33

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