Thankyou Jagex

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Hi Jagex,

I would just like to say thankyou for keeping this game up.

I have been playing for over 15 years -

I have seen Runescape grow from a JAVA based game with pixels that made me happy, to SFX on capes, pets & to new skills and areas.

The relevance to the original game, the dungeon themes, the adventuring & the magic has never left, and the incorporation of the new skills that has remained true to the original themes of the game has kept me playing.

Albeit, the introduction of the GE has definitely taken away some of the trade communication that I remember use to make my dial-up connection stress because of how many players were on screen, ie. "B L0BBIES 550GP EA - T RX" but now more than ever because of the GE, I find great friends online to adventure with rather than just to trade with - & same with the bossing dungeons and minigames! I've also learned so much due to the exchange - even now finishing a business degree due to my love for trade & lessons learned from GE!

Thankyou Jagex, thankyou for keeping my childhood alive.
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18-Sep-2021 02:50:56

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