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Hey Cody I'm sorry to hea they're ruining the game for you. If you send in a few reports ingame it will help Jagex a bunch tracking down the bots. It's not needed to report everyone, just a few in the area will do. Unfortunately that is not a proper fix to the issue but every report does help :) Life is like a camera: Just focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out, take another shot!

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The Compliments Forum is for leaving compliments, rather than complaints.

Corder is correct. Bots are best reported using the in-game ĹReport' feature, so that Jagex will have the evidence needed to take action against them. For Old School RuneScape, you may also use the Macroing Report Form

How to report a player

Your in-game reports do work, just not right away.
From previous J Mod posts: Original message details are unavailable.
The ICU team is 7 JMods strong and they work tirelessly to keep both games free of cheaters. You can help by continuing to report suspected bots to us. :)

Original message details are unavailable.
Report them. Your reporting helps us track them down - they won't get banned immediately as we want to investigate their game play, learn what the bot there are using is doing and where they are being used to farm stuff too and then ban all those involved. But report them - it really helps.

From the Action against gold sellers News Announcement: ModáNiku said:
Please also report cheating whenever you see it. We're pretty confident that we find most bots, but users play a vital role spotting any that we've missed. Bots you report may not always disappear immediately, but your reports help us identify things we're not detecting and allow us to improve our systems so that we can find them in future.

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