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Hello everyone,

I just want to say good job on the Arch-Glacor. So far this has been my favorite boss in this game. The team did a great job of developing a boss that is scalable.

I have never been one to get involved in PVM because the learning curve for most bosses is just too high. I have maxed combat stats and I am intimidated to even think about bossing because of the difficulty and steep learning curve.

I want to give a huge thanks to the developers of the Glacor front and Arch-Glacor on finally developing a boss that can teach players how to boss and build confidence in players new to high-level PVM. Well done!!! I have enjoyed trying out the mechanics of this new boss fight and learning the ropes of PVM. Mission accomplished!!! I finally have a real interest in trying out high-level PvM. Thanks for making bossing more accessible for the player base!


09-Sep-2021 04:47:43

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I really love the boss too, and I'm not a PVMer at all. The way this one is set up is great because it allows you to isolate the individual mechanics to learn them (if you choose to anyway...) and then eventually potentially put them together.

I'm curious to see how the mechanics (or lack thereof) affect the individual drops from it tho.
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15-Sep-2021 10:47:51

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