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I want to thank Jagex for their continuous effort to make Rs3 a more enjoyable game experience. Thinking about it, the last three or so years, Rs3 has grown tremendously. Jagex has really been working hard to make new additions to the game. With Menaphos, Herblore/farming, smithing, archaeology, raksha, solak, eds, and now gwd3. There is a lot of nice new additions to the game. Now we can't get bored in pvm, and there are lots of interesting new places and quests/skills to explore. The content doesn't seem surperfluous, it seems like everything is more cohesive now, the quest and skills woven into the story of the bosses. It seems like Jagex is taking extra consideration too, to the playerbase's opinions and is listening to what we are saying. Thanks, keep up the good work.

27-Aug-2021 17:25:17

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