Compliments Rules

Compliments Guide

Hi there. This is the forum for giving Jagex or other players positive, constructive, feedback.

What is the Compliments Forum for?

The Compliments Forum is for giving us your positive feedback about anything we do, or if you see a fellow players doing a good thing.

  • I want to ask a Mod what their favourite Film/Game/Book is can I ask it here?

    Sure, if you want to have a discussion with Jagex staff then you can post your question here - but it's worth bearing in mind that Jagex staff might have other things to do whilst supporting players, so it won't always be possible to post on all threads and answer every question raised, but if we have a bit of time to relax and chat with people on the forums, then this is where we will be!

  • Can I post on here to arrange to meet a J Mod in game?

    Unfortunately Jagex staff cannot make arrangements to meet anyone in game. However we regularly attend events and you may even bump into us in whilst we are in game anyway!.