Buff Soil tea.

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For those who haven’t heard of it Soil tea is a ‘different’ kind of beverage that requires a refined pallet to understand the subtle nuances and flavour notes, AKA it’s bloody disgusting. Seriously you’re drinking dirt, not even fresh dirt, centuries old dirt composed of dead Aviansie and most likely a Zamorakian cultists toe nail clippings.

Something like that, something so gut wrenchingly awful should give a better boost than a two minute +2 level archeology boost. That kind of boost is typically reserved for the Alcoholic drinks of Runescape, Wizards mind bomb etc.

So here’s what I’m proposing;
1. Soil tea gets buffed to make it worthwhile, atm the ingredients cost outweighs any benefit.
2. A replacement alcoholic drink gets put in place to fulfill the teas original boost.

For the booze I’m thinking something like “Alcohologist” or “Archeologists Amber” which would be a type of honeymead giving further use to the bee hives in Seers Village, and also being a nod to Archeology itself as fossilised Amber is something Archeologists tend to be enfused about.

For the soil tea buffs maybe they could increase the duration of other buffs, like the sediment traps the buff allowing it to permeate for longer.

Also shout out to Helen for drinking this mess.:P

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A  Cole
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A  Cole

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I'm not sure any changes are required. Let's be honest, soil teas are already dirt cheap so cost should not be an issue. Even so, if you're training Archaeology you're guaranteed to come across soil regardless, so one should have more than enough muck to throw in to a cuppa tea.

Regarding the length of time of the boost, it's not really designed for excavating artefacts. Yes, it's possible but you'll need to make quite a few in order to obtain the artefacts you're after. The tea's are more useful for dusting off artefacts that you've already got that are just outside your level range.

In my opinion, if you're relying on soil teas to progress your Archaeology level, you're doing something wrong. It's because of this that I don't think any changes are necessary to soil teas at all.

However, there may be scope to reinvigorate the entire alcoholic drink market. Perhaps the Archaeologists Amber should temporarily boost the level by +4 or +5, but due to the alcohol impairing bodily functions, it halves your precision and focus during excavation, and doubles the time it takes to restore artefacts. This could be a good trade off for accessing higher level content before obtaining the level for it. Something similar could perhaps be applied to other drinks/skills.


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@ Kings Abbot, Glad to have you, stick around there may be other discarded human detritus mentioned.

Interesting A Cole. Personally I’ve never used soil tea and as a f2p am unlikely to any time soon. Just caught wind of it, looked it up on the wiki and figured I’d make a mildly humorous post about it being the worst thing ever, to even conceive of drinking. Plus how it takes the spot of something usually reserved for alcoholic themed drinks.

Reading about soil tea it seems like a waste of time to make and wouldn’t be overly beneficial, but admittedly I don’t have any first hand experience.

P.S I appreciate the pun you made, whether intentional or not. Though you italicised it so I’m guessing intentional.:)

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I've sorta always seen that tea just as some kind of easter egg - sure one with some slight use, but certainly a well hidden feature. But all in all it's fairly obvious they don't want to allow players to boost that skill too much - otherwise we would've gotten more than just a regular archaeology potion. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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