Bring RS3 PVP to life again

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Nihuko said:

I will say: " Deactivate all the abilitys in the wilderness zone and leave only special attack available and add some new monsters with good loot in the wilderness zone to bring PVP to life."

Legacy-only worlds are consistently the least populated worlds in the game. The Legacy world specifically labeled for PvP is consistently the least populated world (I would know, that's the world I usually hang out on!). DarkScape was Legacy only, and it died in a matter of months.

Making the Wilderness Legacy only is not going to accomplish anything. No support.

As for new monsters, they've tried that too. Lava Strykewyrms (added in 2015) have some of the best drops of any Slayer monster in the game (they have a ~90k drop as a 100% drop!), and they're also one of the least completed tasks in the game. Jagex has tried several times in recent years to jumpstart the Wilderness' cold dead heart (most recently with Slayer Bounties in 2019, which was dead content within weeks at best), and nothing has worked.

It's time to face facts. The Wilderness, at least in its current state, is beyond saving. No amount of little tweaks or small content drops are going to revive it, and any further half-measures to try to do so are a complete waste of Jagex's time and money. It's time to pull its plug. Whether that means a dramatic overhaul or even its outright removal remains to be seen, but every day it languishes in its current, pathetic state is a day that's not as good as it could be.

01-Oct-2021 04:42:42



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DracoáBurnz said:

Instead jagex would rather remove things that ppl are actually using like DA instead of things ppl arent using like this.

Don't be surprised if the Wilderness (and Dangerous Clan Wars, as well as the PvP Worlds in OSRS, for that matter) is next on the chopping block. Many of the reasons that the DA is going to be removed also apply to the Wilderness, and it's likely that many stakers are planning to move their business to the Wilderness once the DA is closed. Dangerous PvP in RuneScape (both games) as a whole is likely not long for this world.

And honestly, it's not even going to be that much of a loss when it happens. Dangerous PvP in both games (and in RS3's case, PvP as a whole) has been circling the drain for years. I don't think there's going to be too many people mourning its loss.

02-Oct-2021 04:40:56

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