New Archeology animation

Quick find code: 185-186-500-66230391

InB4lock Man
Dec Member 2018

InB4lock Man

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You hit the excavations with your fist occasionally screaming "You will feed <player name>!" (doesn't appear on chat)
Materials get thrown behind back.
Artifacts have you rip it out with your teeth.

26-Sep-2021 06:22:58

Vengeance of
Mar Member 2018

Vengeance of

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Sure, why not. We've got animation overrides for Mining and Woodcutting where we smash into rocks and trees with our fists; having an animation for Archaeology where we dig with our bare hands and throw resources away from caches like a cartoon character digging through their belongings wouldn't be too out of the ordinary.

04-Oct-2021 20:29:09

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