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Would it be possible to have a toggle selection when planting seeds to yield either the plant or seeds when fully grown. This would give an additional source of seeds instead of stealing/buying low level items.

26-Sep-2021 13:55:27

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that defeats the purpose of farming and u can buy a scroll of life for a chance to save seeds anyways seeds are easily obtainable as well no need to change something that doesnt need changing no support
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26-Sep-2021 18:11:25

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So you basically want an infinite cycle for gaining xp without ever having to got outside of it? Yeah no...

Kopaka said:
Not sure I'd agree it defeats the purpose of farming.

But I also think seeds are pretty easy to come by.

Some - especially at low and medium levels - certainly aren't - I've had had more than enough farming contracts, that sucked solely for that reason. That might be worth getting fixed in some way - but that's basically the sole reason why I regard this thread somehow valid.
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27-Sep-2021 05:22:44

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