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Let's talk.
So as the MMO consists of 3 main pillars, I would like to take my separate opinions on each one of them in Runescape world.
These are :
Gameplay - what we do for the rewards
Utility - how does it feel to get rewards
Economy - what rewards there are

With that being said, I'd like to start from the end.
Economy - Every player can see the difference in pricing based on the content age, some activities are being obsolete with little value to them, while newest activities are well rewarded. It's good to see people excited over a new content rather than old one. Would be very sad if people preferred to do Raksha rather than Zuk, right?
Still I'd recommend to add some intricacy to older content materials as enhancing tool because that costs nothing and prevent appearance of a fear from lacking.

Utility - With game running around economy and accomplishment, we often forget to add some quality of life features, that would change a lot. With tons of customizations, options, UI manuverability we often forget about true fundamentals - math. Runemetrics is really limited tool even if PRO'd. The statistics players are looking for are available on network for free. We deserve a dps, damage taken, healing chart long long time ago.

Gameplay - with consistent updates, and themed complex updates we feel like playing something that has care given to it. We can see something is done, but there are cases we can see nothing is done too. This is caused by the fact the world of gielinor is really huge - but still with enough love it might change the way we all see the game, and that's what really makes 'game' a game.

So If I would be responsible for the game development, that would be my makro aproach to the game situation.


29-Oct-2021 19:23:51

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